Netflix Date: Once Upon A Time


Okay so technically this is a Hulu date. We are only two episodes behind and tonight is the night to catch up! YAY! I am so excited to watch this season’s premiere and see how they incorporate Frozen into OUAT! (I obviously do not have little girls, since I am still excited about Frozen.) Continue reading


Date {Game} Night: LIFE

Date Game Night

Something my husband and I do quite often is have a game night. We always have a blast! It’s such an easy way to spend stress free time with each other. It is also one of the cheapest at home dates you can have! My hubby {Popper of the Corn} gets things set up while I put the kiddo to bed, and then the whole evening is ours. Steven and I have found that, for us, playing games is an easy way for us to connect. Sometimes when we actually go out on dates our conversations end up focusing on some of the stresses going on in our lives. And while those conversations need to happen at certain times, they can ruin a good evening. It’s hard to leave work at work and let tomorrow worry about tomorrow; but if we can’t do that, then we can never relax together. Am I the only one with this problem? If I am, good for you!

Anyway, sometimes we go all out and buy tons of snacks or a new game or order in food. Other times it’s just a classic game we have, and a bowl of popcorn. Either way, it’s an awesome evening that we both enjoy.

LIFE is one of our favorite board games! We have played it several times for our date night. Here is a printable if you want to set up a game night for your love. 🙂

Game Night Invite LIFE



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The “Favorites” Date

Are you one of those people that have a TON of “favorite” things? I am! I will be talking to someone and they will mention some movie or band or song or food and the first thing I say is “that is my FAVORITE!” I can’t help it. There is just too much good stuff in this world that I love! But sometimes I get tired of the same favorites over and over. Or something isn’t quite as much of a favorite as something else ; )

So knowing how I am always makes me wonder about my hubby. I mean, I know what stuff he likes, but does he get tired of the same things, the same kind of dates, and gifts, and meals I give him over and over? To remedy this, I made a reference sheet. Lots of times I want to surprise Steven with small gifts or special “Steven Days” filled with his favorite things. I designed these reference sheets so that when there is something I want to do for him, I have a lot of ideas that I can choose and get ideas from. Steven also has a cheat sheet I filled out for him.

Not only are these sheets great for planning future dates, they are a date on their own!

Plan an at home date or go to a park or local coffee shop and spend time filling these out. It is amazing how much you will have to talk about just by reading each others answers! I suggest picking a special time every year (like an anniversary) to fill out a new set of answers. Tastes and movies change and you might even have a lot that you have already done with each other the past year. Get creative and have fun!

My favorite things page 1

favorite things page 2

favorite things page 3

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Netflix Date: Chuck

My hubby and I spend a lot of our down time watching Netflix. Netflix dates are awesome because we just put a date like spin on our normal evening activities! Currently we are watching Chuck. There are so many things that you could do with this spy series.

Chuck Pic 2

Tonight’s date featured a spy invitation, my version of Chuck’s Famous Chicken Pepperoni, and Frozen Yogurt. We don’t drink alcohol but we LOVE Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice (just so you know 🙂

Chuck Date Night 1

Here is the printable if you want to invite your man to a Chuck Night Date!

Agent Invite Finished

The Chicken Pepperoni turned out really good! Here is the recipe:

2 Chicken Breast (thawed & cut into 1 inch pieces)

Half Package of Pepperoni (about 20, cut in half)

1 Can or Jar spaghetti sauce

1 Can Black Olives

1 Package of Linguine

2 Tbls. Oil

Sugar, Italian Seasoning, Salt, & Pepper to taste.

Shredded Cheese

Cook linguine. In a Skillet, cook chicken in oil. Add pepperoni and olives. Pour all of spaghetti sauce in skillet, and season to taste. Top linguine with sauce mix and top with cheese.

Chuck Night 3

The hubby LOVED it! : ) score!

We had frozen yogurt for dessert. Super easy. Just freeze…yogurt.

chuck night 5

Other food ideas for Chuck date nights are: Subway, Fancy hotdogs (for season 1 at least), or cheese puff balls as a snack! You could also send your hubby on “missions.” This could become super elaborate and really fun! There are 5 seasons, so plenty of opportunity for date nights! Here is the clip art if you want to make your own missions or invitations.


Got any netflix/date night inspiration you want to share? I would LOVE to hear it! Comment on this post, and don’t forget to pin it (button found below!)

Happy Dating!

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Pinch Yo’ Pennies: Date Night Fund

Date Night isn’t always free, but it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Like I have already said, I love at home dates. Those still take a little cash though. We do a weekly budget and take out a small amount for fun things. Any extra cash I put in my “Date Dollars” Jar. As you can see – it is overflowing. 🙂 Right.

date jar photo

Oh well – Every little bit helps

Here are some printables for you to make your own!

Date Jar Redone 2


Date Jar 3


Date Dollars Jar 2


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My Book Of Love {Date Night Planner}

About 6 months ago I decided I needed to plan out the bare bones of several dates in advance. This helps me look through ideas I already have (mostly) prepared and takes the stress out of coming up with an awesome date at the spur of the moment. I created a Date Night Planner full of printed invites to date nights for my hubby, games, recipes, and printables to set up for the date theme. This is a great combination of my favorite things: Dates, Cute Printables, and Organization! I will be posting several pages to print off (free, of course!) for you to make your own Date Night Planner. Here are 3 choices for a cover page. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Book of Love Cover 1

My Book of Love cover2

My Book of Love cover 3

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My Husband Has A Girlfriend

I love my husband. I love to date my husband. One of the most exciting times in our relationship was when he asked me to be his girlfriend…after we were married! I know. I know. Super cheesy. But just hear me out.

A husband and wife should be comfortable in their relationship and with each other – but the difference between comfortable and complacent can make or break a marriage. I’m not trying to impart some magical advice from my vast store of wisdom. If you have been married for more than a week, you probably already understand this concept. So let’s face it head on. Everyone wants to be pursued. Yes, even your big manly hubby.


This year Steven and I are making it a priority to pursue each other. This sounds great and romantic on paper – but we live in the real world. We are so busy! And we have 3 month old. And (though we have some awesome babysitters in our church) we moved away from our built in babysitter – aka my sister! So even little tokens of love for each other take a lot of effort and forethought. Needless to say, we are a big fan of at-home-dates. There are several websites and pins full of date ideas, and I will be creating ideas and printables for this section of the blog as well.

It is so easy after you are married (and have kids) to get in the rut of being “mom” all the time. I constantly have to remind myself to CARE FOR my husband, rather than TAKE CARE OF my husband. He has a mom. He needs a friend and wife.  I am very excited to pursue my husband. To show him I love just being with him, learning more about him. I hope you will take advantage of any ideas and materials on this blog. And I would love to hear your ideas!

Happy Dating!

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