Kid’s Packing List

It seems like our family is always on the go, especially this time of year! There are out of town meetings, family vacations, holiday travels, and that is just in the fall! We love to go! However, since adding three special little munchkins to our family, packing for trips has become a BIG ordeal! What used to take me an afternoon and evening to pack for three has turned into days of preparation to be ready to travel with six! Since this is the case, our always helpful ten-year-old has started packing himself. I love his willingness to help out, but I still find myself saying things like, “Hey, did you remember your toothbrush?” Or “Did I tell you to get 5 pair of socks or 6?” So, even though my work load decreased my stress level has not!

We are preparing to head out again soon and the stress has hit. Then it dawned on me, the most simple idea! How had I not thought of it before? All I needed to do was make a list of what he needed to pack and let him check it off! Then all I have to do is review the list and have peace of mind that he has what he needs.

I decided to take it a step further and make a list he can use for all of our travels and laminate it, that way I can use it over and over. There is a blank in front of each thing he needs to pack so I can write how many of that item he will need to pack, and there is a circle for him to check or fill-in after he packs that item. I put everything he might need for every trip, from going to Grammie’s, to going to camp. If the trip doesn’t require an item on the list I just write NO beside it instead of a number. When he is done we just wipe it off and it is ready to go for next time. SIMPLE!

Here is a printable version of our list. I hope this works as well for your family as it is for ours!

Kids Packing list

Kids Packing LIst

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