Curious George (Boo Fest) Birthday Party

Tobias is TWO!

You never know how fast time can fly until you have a baby! (Not a baby anymore! Oh, my heart!)

When we were trying to decide what theme to do for Tobi’s birthday party, it was a no-brainer. Tobi’s favorite movie is Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest. When I say “favorite,”  I’m serious. We have watched it almost every day for over a year. A fall Curious George theme was perfect, because Tobi’s birthday is in October. It was simple and fun. I made the cake and cupcakes, so it wasn’t anything fancy. The whole party was under $100, so win-win! wpid-img_2059.jpg wpid-20151003_141148.jpg wpid-20151003_141153.jpg

We had  a popcorn bar and Monkey Juice (Sparkling Pineapple Lemonade) for snacks. They were a great hit! (Thanks mom for the Tobi’s superhero bedroom decor!)

wpid-20151001_193342.jpg wpid-20151001_193309.jpg

wpid-20151001_193401.jpg  wpid-img_1652.jpg

 The Kids had a fun painting pumpkins (and eating the paint. Thank goodness it’s non-toxic.)

wpid-20151003_141120.jpg  wpid-img_1643.jpg wpid-img_1646.jpg

The cake was Tobi approved!


We used chocolate apples as the party favor.

We had such a fun time for Tobi’s second birthday! I’m already thinking up stuff for next year. (But, please, don’t turn three too soon!)

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