Blessings With A Side of Gravy

Coffee Cup #1

It has been so long since I have posted anything; I am so ashamed! So much has happened and changed in my life the past few months, I felt it was only right to post a short update on my family before proceeding any further with my blogging plans. 

My Hubs is a preacher-man, and like most minister’s families, we try to always be willing to do what God wants us to do. For us, that recently took the form of moving 10 hours back to (the GREAT state of) Texas. My Hubby and I are pursuing two God-called ministries here – one with our church youth, the other with college students at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. I grew up a good part of my life in this city, and I have to say that I love being back. I’ve never seen a community quite like this one, and Lubbock will always hold a very special place in my heart, no matter where we end up.

We have downsized just a little. We moved from a spacious, mountain-side house to a city apartment, down from two cars to one, and from overwhelming amounts of stuff to {almost} just the right amount of things. (I do still have a little purging to do.) I never thought I would *enjoy* living in an apartment, but truth be told, our little apartment is absolutely perfect! I adore country cottage decor (and after all this IS Texas,) so our apartment is decorated perfectly to give us that simple-life-in-the-country feel, even though we are smack-dab in the middle of the city. It’s our precious little haven that I cherish. I know I am gushing on and on about something that seems so insignificant, but this special place was a gift from God, hand picked for us. When we moved, we didn’t know where we would be living, our financial situation, anything really! Just that God had called us here. And when God tells you to do something, you do it, and He will take care of the rest. I had grand dreams of where we might live, and not so grand worries of what we might have to “settle for.” But through it all we knew that whatever we ended up with would be what we were supposed to have for the time. God truly provided me with better things that I could ever have dreamed of for myself or my family.

Tonight we had breakfast for dinner and spent time enjoying our little one. Cuddling the kiddo, having full, warm bellies, living in an environment that comforts and encourages, hearing giggles echo, and seeing little hands folded in prayer, these things bless this mama’s heart. Even though things seemed uncertain and were hectic, and people criticized or couldn’t understand it these past 5 months, our life simply couldn’t be any sweeter.

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  1. I am all about transitioning to simple living and minimalism, so I applaud you for taking such leaps with your family! Your tone sounds so happy and refreshed, so I think it worked out great!! Keep going! You’re an inspiration and more people would benefit from reading about your experiences to learn that less is more.

  2. God is an awesome God and in control when we are out of control- for this I am so thankful. I admire you and your adaptability and willing heart. Change is not always easy but necessary – especially when God is in the driver seat. I praise Him through the tough times, I praise Him through the pain. I too have a lot of pride and feel that if I ask for help or let someone else do something then I have fallen short of what is expected of me (this expectation comes from inside). Thanks for sharing -thanks for being you-

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