DIY Christmas Ornaments

Today I got the bright idea to make some Christmas ornaments for Tobi’s gifts to his grandparents (yeah, I’m cheap.) I was so excited about actually doing something on my Winter Bucket List! I actually looked at it just a minute ago…making ornaments isn’t on our bucket list.


Should’ve checked first. Oh well. We had a great time and REALLY got into it.


(I had a couple of helpers.)

Mix 1 Cup of Baking Soda, 1/2 Cup of Cornstarch, and 3/4 Cup of Water in a medium sauce pan.

Heat & stir over medium low heat. It will take a while but eventually the mixture will begin to thicken and will come to a  mashed potato like consistency. When you have reached that point, move the mixture to a bowl and cover with a towel. Let cool. When It is room temperature, knead and add cornstarch if dough is sticky. Roll out on a cornstarch dusted surface. Cut out desired shapes. Use a straw to cut ribbon holes in the top of ornaments. Cover your cookie sheet in parchment paper. Place ornaments in oven and bake at 175 degrees for 1 1/2 hours, turning ornaments over half way through. Remove from oven and let ornaments continue to dry.


It gets messy, but it’s a whole lot of fun! : )

And they turned out super cute!


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