Our Winter Bucket List

Yes, I know. I did not do that great with Our Fall Bucket List. Fall flew by with us rushing here and there in a tizzy. And now, writing Our Winter Bucket List, I can’t believe it’s December! I mean what happened to carving pumpkins? to making the perfect apple pie?! I didn’t even do all the Halloween fun I had planned!

Oh well. (It seems like that’s my motto, huh?) Maybe I will do Our Fall Bucket List next year.

And now on to greater things – WINTER!! Just like fall, I LOVE WINTER! It makes me completely giddy. Like a kid at…well, Christmas! I get lost in the nostalgia of the whole season. The smells! The sights!! The songs!!!

ahem. anyway.

Because I was slightly overwhelmed with all I had wanted to do in the fall, I tried to keep Our Winter Bucket List shorter. I hope you all have a wonderful, Christ-filled season! Merry Christmas!!

our winter bucket list our winter bucket list blank


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