DIY Christmas Ornaments

Today I got the bright idea to make some Christmas ornaments for Tobi’s gifts to his grandparents (yeah, I’m cheap.) I was so excited about actually doing something on my Winter Bucket List! I actually looked at it just a minute ago…making ornaments isn’t on our bucket list. Continue reading


5 Steps To Not Losing My Cool This Christmas: A Letter To My Future Self

Dear Future Danielle –

I should have written this letter last year, and the year before; but to be fair, talking to yourself (myself?) is a little crazy. Though, I am way past that point now, and I bet, if you’re reading this next year, you are too. Continue reading

Our Winter Bucket List

Yes, I know. I did not do that great with Our Fall Bucket List. Fall flew by with us rushing here and there in a tizzy. And now, writing Our Winter Bucket List, I can’t believe it’s December! I mean what happened to carving pumpkins? to making the perfect apple pie?! I didn’t even do all the Halloween fun I had planned! Continue reading