Winter Movie List

It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but I am already in full Christmas mode! Usually I try to wait until Thanksgiving day to start watching all of our traditional Christmas movies, but I just felt the need for something to watch that would make me feel all warm and cozy. I began going through my mental store of all the movies I loved growing up. Thus, my list of “winter” movies was born! Most of these have some type of Christmas moment in them, but aren’t really considered Christmas movies. Or they have enough wintry scenes to give you a cuddly feeling. šŸ™‚ I’m sure I will find more to add!

Bundle of Joy

In The Good Old SummertimeĀ (trust me)

Little Women

Love Comes Softly

Meet Me in St. Louis

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Susan Slept HereĀ 

While You Were SleepingĀ 

Do you have any “winter” movies you like to watch? I would love to add them to my list, so let me know!

Dani Tag

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