Netflix Date: Once Upon A Time


Okay so technically this is a Hulu date. We are only two episodes behind and tonight is the night to catch up! YAY! I am so excited to watch this season’s premiere and see how they incorporate Frozen into OUAT! (I obviously do not have little girls, since I am still excited about Frozen.)

There are SO many possibilities that you can do with OUAT. You have almost every fairy tale at your creative disposal. (And if you are in Season 4 like us, you can even use Frozen Party ideas!)

Like I have said before, I like to go all out on things. But once again, my little one is sick and I didn’t get to do all the cool things I had planned. I’m sure I will end up having many more OUAT date nights so I am going to hold off on some of the time consuming aspects of our date.

I made a printable version of our “Granny’s Diner Menu” for dinner tonight.


Tonight I did not actually not making the apple turnover, but I am determined to someday!  I did make hamburger buns from scratch though! Do I get awesome wife points from that? For once, I actually followed the recipe and it  is seriously the BEST bun recipe I have used. Usually my buns come out flat and heavy (haha!) These are so easy, I told Steven that I want to start using it for all of our sandwich bread. One of the best parts of this recipe was that I already had all of the ingredients!

My hubby made the patties and I must say – dinner was awesome!




Even the kiddo was glued to the TV!

 I also made some quick printable love notes for my hubby!

I'm Hooked On You OUATI Like Warm Hugs OUATyou've Stolen My Heart OUAT

OUAT Love Notes

Like I said, there will be more to come I am sure! Hope you enjoy these for now!

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