Our Fall Bucket List

This morning my hubby and I had a little time for a “Mini-Date.” We got some coffee and sat down together to make Our Fall Bucket List! If you have never done this, you are missing out. Of course Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. It is the beginning of all of my favorite festivities, the kick-off to the bests of the holiday season! I. LOVE. FALL!


Our list is pretty long, even after I cut it WAY down. (Did I mention we really like fall stuff?) A lot of the items on our list are activities that I knew we were already planning on doing anyway, like going to a Pumpkin Patch. Some are new things that I saw on Pinterest and thought “Oh my gosh! Why have I never done that?”

By the end of the fall season, I am hoping that most of these will be checked off, and have their own blog post linked to them!

Read Fall Books Together
Go On A Leaf Hunt
Make Fall Cookies
Go To The Pumpkin Patch & Find The Perfect One
Decorate Pumpkins
Roast Pumpkin Seeds
Pick Apples
Make Homemade Applesauce
Bake an Apple or Pumpkin Pie
Go To A Football Game
Decorate the House
Make Pumpkin Pancakes
Have A Picnic
Make Table Settings
Go On A Hay Ride
Have a Harry Potter Marathon (And Eat Kettlecorn)
Make A Gratitude Craft
Make A Halloween Pizza
Go On A Coffee Date
Make & Send Fall Cards
Make A Fall Soup or Chili & Apple Cheese Bread
Make Goodies For The Neighbors
Have A Family Photo Shoot
Go To A Fall Festival
Make Hand Turkeys
& Cuddle!

Also, because I have an addiction to Picmonkey, I made four printable versions of Our Fall Bucket List! You can either use my list, or have a mini-date or family night to create your own, using the blank printable version. Want to reuse them? Put your print out behind a glass frame. Write your list on the glass with dry-erase marker and you can easily erase and re-mark on your printout!

Hope you enjoy this fall as much as my family plans to!

Our Fall Bucket List Our Fall Bucket List Blank

Our Fall Bucket List 2 Our Fall Bucket List 2 Blank

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