Family Night: “Curious George A Halloween Boo Fest”

Seventy-nine. That is how many days since I have blogged. I am obviously not committed. When life happens, and I have to choose, the relaxing thing goes out the door.
Since my last post, life has gotten busy. Like caffeine in the morning, sleeping pills at night kind of crazy. There hasn’t been much quality time lately; but this week, things are slowing back down to normal-busy.
Since we actually have a couple of free evenings this week, I designated Monday as Family Night and Thursday as At-Home-Date Night. Originally my Family Night plan was to picnic at the park. My Little One started running a fever yesterday afternoon, so plans had to change. We decided to have a Family Fall Kick-off!
There were so many things that I wanted to do for Family Night. I love themes and I tend to stress myself out wanting everything to be awesome and coordinated. I always want to be that trendy Pinterest mom who has everything put together. But I’m not. When it came time for Family Night I decided that “simple and relaxing” should be my motto! Mainly because I’m lazy 🙂
Last night was not fancy or creative but it was just what my little family needed! My hubby brought home Chick-Fil-A (yum!) and we watched a fall Curious George movie (Hoo-rah for Netflix!)
Curious_George_A_Halloween_Boo_Fest_2013_DVD_Cover During the movie we colored in Tobi’s new Curious George coloring book (Thanks Aunt Leah!)


And to top off the night we had caramel apples and apple cider!

Last night was a good reminder for me. It isn’t always about what we do. It is about being intentional about spending special, quality time together.


❤ ❤

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