The “Favorites” Date

Are you one of those people that have a TON of “favorite” things? I am! I will be talking to someone and they will mention some movie or band or song or food and the first thing I say is “that is my FAVORITE!” I can’t help it. There is just too much good stuff in this world that I love! But sometimes I get tired of the same favorites over and over. Or something isn’t quite as much of a favorite as something else ; )

So knowing how I am always makes me wonder about my hubby. I mean, I know what stuff he likes, but does he get tired of the same things, the same kind of dates, and gifts, and meals I give him over and over? To remedy this, I made a reference sheet. Lots of times I want to surprise Steven with small gifts or special “Steven Days” filled with his favorite things. I designed these reference sheets so that when there is something I want to do for him, I have a lot of ideas that I can choose and get ideas from. Steven also has a cheat sheet I filled out for him.

Not only are these sheets great for planning future dates, they are a date on their own!

Plan an at home date or go to a park or local coffee shop and spend time filling these out. It is amazing how much you will have to talk about just by reading each others answers! I suggest picking a special time every year (like an anniversary) to fill out a new set of answers. Tastes and movies change and you might even have a lot that you have already done with each other the past year. Get creative and have fun!

My favorite things page 1

favorite things page 2

favorite things page 3

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