Last month was H-A-R-D, hard!

I was sick, we went on vacation, we were out of the house a lot so we ate out often, and so on and so on.

Therefore, this month’s goal is to get back to it!  I would normally report my weight loss here but the scale has been crazy the last few days going UP and DOWN (about 4 pounds) so I decided not to weight again for 2 weeks. This will give me a little rest from thinking about weight and let me focus more on eating right and exercising without that added pressure.  Hopefully the scale will reflect a good loss when I weigh again.


This just made me laugh!

So, for April my goals are to…

1) Be very strict with my calories! (Pete’s birthday is tomorrow, so that will be a challenge) March wasn’t a complete bust with my calories. I actually managed to stay within or at least close to my 1525 limit almost every day last month. But, this month I want to tighten up the lax habits I have begun to form.

2) Continue to exercise. I have been running on the treadmill this month. I am using a couch to 5k app (because I am a runner in the loosest sense of the word!) and I can already tell a difference in my stamina already. Woot.


3) Meal plan! This month I won’t be cooking from scratch as much because of our hectic schedule, but I bought plenty of “no excuse” meals to keep in the freezer. Things like frozen pizza, or lunch meat sandwiches are easy to fix after a late night of baseball, and by putting pen to paper and making a plan of what to eat when, I should be able to keep up on track. I bought tons of vegetables to keep us full as well. There will be quite a few eat out meals that can’t be helped because of some extra meetings and trips we have to make this month.

Over all I think this will be a revitalizing month for my eating plan and exercise habits! Just exactly what I need to get some momentum going into summer!

I am ready to get back in the swing of things and I honestly thank God for helping me to not stray too far from where I need to be. The more lax you become the harder it is to get back! If you have made a commitment to change your eating habits, I hope you have been able to stick with it. If not, take this post as a challenge to climb back into that saddle and try again. YOU CAN DO THIS! And so can I.

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