To Feast Or Not To Feast

We started our new eating plan a month and a half ago. I have lost 13 lbs. and Pete has lost 15 lbs.! We are both so excited about our weight loss. Seeing such good results makes it easier to stick with it everyday. When I REALLY want chips and dip I just eat an amount that will fit into my calorie budget (which is now down to 1570 a day) or if everyone is having ice cream and I am out of calories for the day it is easier to pass it up when I know I will see results on the scale because of it.

Some days I do allow myself to go over my calories by 100 or less, but very seldom. Mainly I don’t want to stress so much about it that I make it harder for my body to lose because I am stressed. Some days you eat at a friend’s house and have to guestimate calories or measurements, or you just really need something little to get you through to the next meal. These are the things that I don’t stress. I also don’t do these little “cheats” everyday, probably more like once every one or two weeks.

When we began this new way of life we decided that we would allow ourselves “feast days”. These days wouldn’t be a time to pig out but more a time to break from counting calories and yes, treat ourselves to higher calorie, “old life” favorites. We have planned these out far in advance so that we could have something to look forward to, and so that we aren’t tempted to gorge ourselves randomly and call it a feast day! Our planned feast days are usually major holidays, birthdays, and our anniversary.


Tomorrow is our first feast day! I mean who can count calories on Valentines Day?!? I am just saying, there better be some chocolate in my hand at least twice tomorrow. And then there is the dinner! We ALWAYS go out on Valentines Day and this year won’t be any different. The baby sitter is booked and my mouth is watering. I asked Pete today what he wanted to eat for our first feast day and had to make him stop giving suggestions because I was about to break! Everything we used to eat danced in my head like sugar plumbs! Hmm, I have never had a sugar plumb but I bet they are good!

Anyway, here is my problem. I have settled in very well into my new eating habits. I have lost weight. I feel good, and look different. I DO NOT want to mess this up! I am not really worried about gaining weight from our feasting (after all it won’t be gorging) but I am more afraid that once I taste those more fattening favorites it will be hard to go back!

It will be a great personal victory to be able to allow myself to indulge and to rein myself back in afterward. I have a big problem with that in every area in my life; money, family scheduling, dieting, everything. God has been trying to teach me to keep my body in subjection for a long time.

salad face

Here is my statement of determination: I will feast tomorrow, and I will enjoy it. I will go back to limiting my intake and will not be bullied by pizza, chocolate, bar-b-q, or sodas! I will pass this test!…Until the next feast day 😉

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