Netflix Date: Chuck

My hubby and I spend a lot of our down time watching Netflix. Netflix dates are awesome because we just put a date like spin on our normal evening activities! Currently we are watching Chuck. There are so many things that you could do with this spy series.

Chuck Pic 2

Tonight’s date featured a spy invitation, my version of Chuck’s Famous Chicken Pepperoni, and Frozen Yogurt. We don’t drink alcohol but we LOVE Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice (just so you know 🙂

Chuck Date Night 1

Here is the printable if you want to invite your man to a Chuck Night Date!

Agent Invite Finished

The Chicken Pepperoni turned out really good! Here is the recipe:

2 Chicken Breast (thawed & cut into 1 inch pieces)

Half Package of Pepperoni (about 20, cut in half)

1 Can or Jar spaghetti sauce

1 Can Black Olives

1 Package of Linguine

2 Tbls. Oil

Sugar, Italian Seasoning, Salt, & Pepper to taste.

Shredded Cheese

Cook linguine. In a Skillet, cook chicken in oil. Add pepperoni and olives. Pour all of spaghetti sauce in skillet, and season to taste. Top linguine with sauce mix and top with cheese.

Chuck Night 3

The hubby LOVED it! : ) score!

We had frozen yogurt for dessert. Super easy. Just freeze…yogurt.

chuck night 5

Other food ideas for Chuck date nights are: Subway, Fancy hotdogs (for season 1 at least), or cheese puff balls as a snack! You could also send your hubby on “missions.” This could become super elaborate and really fun! There are 5 seasons, so plenty of opportunity for date nights! Here is the clip art if you want to make your own missions or invitations.


Got any netflix/date night inspiration you want to share? I would LOVE to hear it! Comment on this post, and don’t forget to pin it (button found below!)

Happy Dating!

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