“I’m Loving It” a little too much – The McDonalds Addiction

If you ask my son what he wants to eat he will almost always say McDonalds. The only exceptions are if you offer him Chinese or if Chuck E Cheese gets in the mix some how. Most adults (me included) will roll their eyes and say “NOT MCDONALDS!” when he makes this suggestion. However, Pete and I give in to this request quite frequently if we are going out to eat anyway. As a matter of fact it has become somewhat of an addiction! I don’t really like McDonalds but it is easy and cheap. Besides Taco Bell, it is probably the cheapest thing in town, especially if you order off the dollar menu. That thing should be renamed the “high calorie menu”! Not only is it high in calories but it is also very tempting to order more than one sandwich since it is so cheap. My husband has been known to order 3-4 sandwiches off the $1 menu on a regular basis. And, I am sad to say, I can keep up with him! Although I would prefer French Fries and a burger (double, always double) over a few sandwiches.

mcdonlds 2

Now, I am the first person to advocate “anything in moderation”. I don’t think McDonalds is inherently evil as a treat once in a while or when choosing their more healthy choices. I really do enjoy the Southwest Salad and when they used to have their Asian Salad I would choose that over everything! But, I think it goes without saying that our trips to McDonalds have not been infrequent or in moderation!

Today, I had a change in my food plan because I ended up being in town all morning and early afternoon. I had decided when I left the house that I would grab something to eat at …Dun Dun Dun – McDonalds. The really sad part was, I was by myself. No kid was pushing me to do it! None the less, it is cheap and I still wanted that Classic Chicken sandwich I didn’t get yesterday. So I caved!

It doesn’t really bother me that I went to McDonalds. It more bothers me that I did it on my way home! A few more minutes and I could have made myself my planed lunch of 340 calories instead of using 779 to eat out making my allotted calories for supper less. I also spent money that would have been better used on something else. AND, to top it all off I became hungry again very quickly! Getting hungry before supper is a big deal because then I snack, or over eat at supper. It hadn’t happened at all on this meal plan until today. Even yesterday when I ate a salad for lunch and didn’t have supper until 8pm.

I had eaten very high calorie foods in a large amount (the sandwich is pretty big, and I had a medium fry) and yet was less satisfied than when I eat 300-500 calories for lunch. I don’t like that! I REALLY want to eat whatever I want, whenever I want it but if I am going to stick with this change I am gonna have to accept the signs that are hitting me in the face! Today it was the McDonalds sign. Wonder what tomorrow’s will be…

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