The Sunday Dilemma

Sunday’s are full of hard food choices for me. All day long I struggle with food. It all starts at church when I am faced with the choice, to donut or not to donut. I pick up donuts for the whole church so that everyone can fellowship a little bit before Sunday School. I think it is a good thing to do but when trying to lose weight it isn’t always easy. The beautiful sweet smell of fresh donuts can quickly make me lose my resolve, my desire to be thinner, my remembrance of anything other than a soft, sweet, chocolaty…. you know what, you get the point! I think I gained 5lbs. just writing that!

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There are 290 cal. in a chocolate donut with sprinkles. My favorite. Last week I allowed myself to eat one donut and included it in my calories and it was fine. Just eating one donut on a Sunday is cutting down because there are usually left overs that sneak their way into my hand through out the day. Today however, I chose to NOT eat a donut! Like, all day! That was huge!

Although, the reason I chose to not eat a donut was because I knew what I wanted for lunch. This brings me to my second Sunday food choice. I absolutely hate to cook on Sundays! I don’t really know why other than its a habit and I like it. That’s really not good for my budget or my food plan! But, today I didn’t eat the donut so that I could go to McDonalds (fine dinning right?) and get a Classic Chicken sandwich, grilled, with a medium fry- 779 calories.

When we got to McDonalds Pete jumped ahead of me and ordered himself a Southwest Salad with grilled chicken and Southwest dressing – 390 calories. Well that just ticked me off! How dare he order something with so few calories! Now if I ordered what I wanted then for supper we would have a huge calorie difference! So, I ordered the same as him. I was not happy though. I mean I like the salad but I had given up a donut for this?! UGH. To make it up to myself I also ordered an ice cream cone -170 calories.

My third decision I have to make on Sundays is what to do for dinner.  I would prefer to have something little and “snacky” for Sunday supper, like popcorn. However Landon always wants a meal, and Pete doesn’t like popcorn. I can’t go out to eat again Sunday night because that would totally blow my budget.

This afternoon I found a recipe in a magazine I really wanted to try! It was Korean Beef Soft Tacos and it could be made in the crockpot! Ding Ding Ding! We found a winner! After making some changes to the recipe because I didn’t have everything on hand and then having to go to the store for cabbage slaw and an onion anyway, I put it on to cook while we went to evening church. These were SOOO good! and they ended up only being 174 calories a taco.

ipod 2014 011

When it was all said and done I was 402 calories under for the day. I could have had the donut after all. Hahaha. But I feel good about myself and I really did enjoy my eating choices today. I have every confidence tomorrow will be just as good!

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