My Husband Has A Girlfriend

I love my husband. I love to date my husband. One of the most exciting times in our relationship was when he asked me to be his girlfriend…after we were married! I know. I know. Super cheesy. But just hear me out.

A husband and wife should be comfortable in their relationship and with each other – but the difference between comfortable and complacent can make or break a marriage. I’m not trying to impart some magical advice from my vast store of wisdom. If you have been married for more than a week, you probably already understand this concept. So let’s face it head on. Everyone wants to be pursued. Yes, even your big manly hubby.


This year Steven and I are making it a priority to pursue each other. This sounds great and romantic on paper – but we live in the real world. We are so busy! And we have 3 month old. And (though we have some awesome babysitters in our church) we moved away from our built in babysitter – aka my sister! So even little tokens of love for each other take a lot of effort and forethought. Needless to say, we are a big fan of at-home-dates. There are several websites and pins full of date ideas, and I will be creating ideas and printables for this section of the blog as well.

It is so easy after you are married (and have kids) to get in the rut of being “mom” all the time. I constantly have to remind myself to CARE FOR my husband, rather than TAKE CARE OF my husband. He has a mom. He needs a friend and wife.  I am very excited to pursue my husband. To show him I love just being with him, learning more about him. I hope you will take advantage of any ideas and materials on this blog. And I would love to hear your ideas!

Happy Dating!

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  1. You have an excellent point!! We also just recently left our babysitters (grandparents 😉 ) when we moved 6.5 hours away. You can still date your husband. One of the greatest things (in my opinion) that my husband does is ask me to marry him again. I love it!!

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