Iced Coffee – Ooo La La

Iced Coffee - Ooo La La

i. LOVE. coffee! 

Hot. Cold. Black. White. I love it all. 

My wonderful Sister-in-law got me a Keurig for Christmas, and boy, do I love that too! 

My Husband especially enjoys iced coffee, but it can get so pricey. So I set out to find a great DIY iced coffee recipe. I found several that seemed doable and then tweaked them to fit my kitchen and taste buds.

This is what you will need: 

5 Cups of Coffee Brewed

2 Cups Milk

1 Cup Sugar

(This is really sweet so you may want to cut back a little, or use a sugar substitute)

First I brewed about 5 cups of Coffee (if you have a Keurig – that will be 4 larges. To keep the strength, I used 2 K-Cups.) 


I really like Folgers Vanilla Biscotti. It has such a sweet after taste and a totally tantalizing aroma! 


After you have brewed your coffee, chill in your fridge for at least an hour. 

Then add 2 Cups of Milk, and 1 Cup of Sugar. 

Mix and Serve over Ice! 



My Husband took one sip and fell in love. Success! 


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